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about our films

At Courting Whale we are passionate about motion picture and story telling. Any good videographer can get great shots, but few can craft a real narrative and we, as forerunners of the cinematic wedding style, specialise in the production of beautifully crafted, high-end wedding films.  As cinematic innovators we continue to push the boundaries of creative film making in the UK and we are proud to have inspired others to do the same.

Getting the beautiful shots on the day, whilst managing to be everywhere and nowhere, is only part of what we do. The real magic happens during our meticulous post-production process; here we pull out the essence of your day and put together a story with the use of selective audio and hand picked music that maximises the beauty and emotional intensity that only a wedding can bring.

What is a Cinematic Wedding Film?

The key elements of a Courting Whale cinematic wedding film are a beautiful aesthetic and cohesive narrative with emotionally provocative storytelling. A wedding is not just the story of two people getting married, there are hundreds of miniature stories that will take place throughout the day. Our talent is in following the “stories” and capturing the action as it happens.

When we reconstruct the stories, we create a film where every frame, every word spoken and every note played is for a reason; to tell your story.

Can I use my own soundtrack?

We scour the deepest depths of the musical spectrum and pride ourselves on our soundtrack choices. Each and every song we choose is unique to you and your story, and commonly unavailable in the public domain.

Can I make changes to my film?

We like to think that having spoken at length with us in the build up to your day and having seen our body of work, that you feel able to trust us to deliver a beautiful, unique interpretation of your wedding. Whilst small changes are of course possible, we will not make changes which we feel would contradict the distinctive Courting Whale style.

Can I have all the footage from the day?

We get asked this more and more these days, but the simple answer is no. The longer answer really hinges around the fact that your booking us to create something that stands out from anything else out there. We have a very distinctive style that we pride ourselves on developing and improving all the time.

What video equipment do you use?

We use the latest DSLR cameras, crucially with sensors the size of 35mm film and lenses that cost more than our cars. This allows us to achieve our cinematic look. Our kit is actually used for TV and movie Production. But don’t panic, we won’t turn your wedding into a film set. Our equipment is small and discrete and reflects our intention to be as unobtrusive as possible.

We are big fans of available-light shooting and the tools we use allow us, in most scenarios, to capture beautiful footage without the need for intrusive additional lighting. Do you want to remember a guy wandering around your wedding reception blasting a video light in peoples faces? Neither would we.

What audio equipment do you use?

We use audio selectively in our cinematic films and normally use dual-system audio for ceremonies and speeches, with Shotgun microphones or wireless lapel microphones as appropriate.

What is the situation with regards to copyright?

Any music played during your wedding is subject to copyright law as is any commercial music added to your film during the edit, all of which require clearances. All copyrights involved in your wedding film will have been observed and the fees paid. The copyright for the finished wedding film remains with us for marketing purposes.

Where can I see examples of your films?

We often post highlights films on our blog. Please feel free to browse through them here. Please contact us if you would like to watch our full-length (~15 minute) films. We keep these private for our couples but are very proud to show these to prospective clients.


How soon should we book a videographer

Well that is hard to say…We have been booked anywhere from 18 months to 2 weeks before. We only film a strictly limited number of films each year though, ensuring our high standards are never lost and we can give each film the time it takes to be perfect.