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Anneli & Sam – Wedding Villa Dalmacija Split Croatia Part 1

So it isn’t every day that you shoot a wedding in former Yugoslavian President Tito’s summer residence!

Anneli and Sam planned the most amazing day in Split, Croatia back in May. From the very first meeting we just knew it was going to be epic and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The Villa Dalmacija is nestled on the cliffs just down the cost from the main town and harbour. Secluded and with it’s own private beach it makes an amazing venue for a wedding.

This was such a great weekend we had to split it into 2 blogs to do it justice, part 1 is the film trailer, part 2 will be the photographs as soon as we can decide which ones to shows!

enjoy part 1, skaal,

For all you planning a wedding, or if you just love fashion! check out Anneli’s fantastic blog whatibroughttoday.com. She has been blogging on all aspects of her preparations leading up to the big day, hair, make-up, her beauty regime, but the dress was a one off design by Anneli sorry. Even we now know what Jimmy Choo is all about!! A big thank you to all her followers for the kind words.

A must for anyone looking to plan a destination wedding in Croatia weddingsinsplit.com. Maja and her team were invaluable on the day, thanks so much.

We took a team out to Croatia as were filming and photographing the weekend, big thanks to Adam at lake-district-wedding-photography for seconding shooting and risking life and camera stuck out on a rock in the middle of the sea for the ceremony!

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