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Carrie & Matt – I Do Decware!!

Carrie and Matt were married at the beautiful Roundthorn country house in Penrith, Cumbria. From our first meeting to talk about their plans we knew they were going to be an amazing couple to work with and we certainly weren’t wrong.

They were so up for anything and open to all our suggestions. Carrie was cool enough to let us run around the hotel with her dress to find the best place to show it off in all its glory, Matt and his grooms-men were not on the shy side, they had their naked room, where they were getting ready. Suffice to say most of that didn’t make the final edit(no offence boys!). They were even open to the idea of driving down the road from the venue to an old stone quarry forest we found the week before, which just happened to be home to about a million mosquitoes but that still didn’t put them off. It was a wonderful day for an amazing couple and we were just so pleased to be able to capture it for you.

A special mention for Matt’s dad who so far this year holds the title of best dancer at a wedding hands down.

I think you can clearly see from the trailer what this day really meant to them and more importantly how totally devoted to each other they truly are.


P.S Well done to Mike for winning the inaugural Matty Cannon golf day, a bandit off 18 if I ever saw one!! and Chris for never giving up, keep that wooden spoon for Matt next year.

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