This is a special blog for us, as not only was this one of our favourite weddings from last year, but we also have a super fan who needs a shout out for all the support and kind words she has given us over the years. A massively talented super fan, in the form of our friend Anna, who has spent the last few years penning an amazing romantic comedy book series “Don’t Tell”. We were so chuffed when she went as far as to mention us in the 3rd installment, “Don’t tell the Brides To Be” and also coining the a new term “Wedding Porn”!! Thanks Anna, this one is for you Xx

Dont tell the bride

We can’t urge our new brides and brides to be enough to take a look at this series, you won’t be disappointed, details below:

Keep up to date with what Anna is doing here: Anna Bell Writes

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Jodie and Will’s wedding was our first foray into Jewish ceremonies and we absolutely loved it. Having Kew Gardens Kew Gardens as the backdrop was just stunning. The ceremony was held in the Nash Conservatory, followed by a reception in the 18th century Orangery. We had lots of meetings with the couple to discuss the day and they always mentioned the dancing that kicks off the reception, but when it kicked off, it REALLY kicked off!! we had to try hard to stop ourselves getting carried away and just joining in. What stood out for us was the truly genuine words spoken by their Rabbi about the couple, it really showed the special relationship he has with the family and made a beautiful narrative for the film. The whole day was a lovely celebration but, above all, a cracking party as you will see.


As we are sitting in the editing suite snowed in, we thought it would be nice to remember one of our lovely couples from last summer. Jo & Barry were married at the beautiful St Michaels Church, Lamplugh, before heading back to the amazing New House Farm, nestled in the Lorton Vale.

Now Barry is a laid back guy, there didn’t seem to be too much that would phase him, even when Jo was, well, a tad late (almost an hour!!). We had stunning weather and the barn looked amazing, with Barry having the help of friends and family to make it just perfect.

Jo was pretty nervous during the morning, but when she walked down the aisle and was met by Barry standing at the end, you could literately see the mornings worries fade away. The day was a great celebration with all of their closest friends and family, and it was a pleasure as always to be able to capture it.


Tipi tents, Bhangra beats, Jenga, Geordie’s and dancing (lots of dancing) is really all that needs to be said about Anita and Pete’s wedding spectacular at New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel nestled in the Langdale Valley, Cumbria.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and I know Anita and Pete had put an lot of thought and effort into their special day, so much so that Anita had picked the wedding venue even before Pete had proposed!!!

They managed the perfect fusion of East (of England) meets East! (India). A chilled out morning flowed into a beautiful humanist ceremony celebrating Anita and Pete’s life together so far and looking towards their future. Then we dived head first into India with amazing bhangra dohl beats in the courtyard, with the whole wedding party showing off their best moves. All of this was followed up by chocolate milk toasted speeches and yet more dancing, outside I might add, despite the torrential rain storm!

What an amazing day and wonderful couple, it was a pleasure to capture it.


So it isn’t every day that you shoot a wedding in former Yugoslavian President Tito’s summer residence!

Anneli and Sam planned the most amazing day in Split, Croatia back in May. From the very first meeting we just knew it was going to be epic and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The Villa Dalmacija is nestled on the cliffs just down the cost from the main town and harbour. Secluded and with it’s own private beach it makes an amazing venue for a wedding.

This was such a great weekend we had to split it into 2 blogs to do it justice, part 1 is the film trailer, part 2 will be the photographs as soon as we can decide which ones to shows!

enjoy part 1, skaal,

For all you planning a wedding, or if you just love fashion! check out Anneli’s fantastic blog She has been blogging on all aspects of her preparations leading up to the big day, hair, make-up, her beauty regime, but the dress was a one off design by Anneli sorry. Even we now know what Jimmy Choo is all about!! A big thank you to all her followers for the kind words.

A must for anyone looking to plan a destination wedding in Croatia Maja and her team were invaluable on the day, thanks so much.

We took a team out to Croatia as were filming and photographing the weekend, big thanks to Adam at lake-district-wedding-photography for seconding shooting and risking life and camera stuck out on a rock in the middle of the sea for the ceremony!

Yvonne and Anthony were married at the beautiful Heather Glen Country House in Cumbria. The Heather Glen Country House. It was a beautiful February day, and we were lucky enough to have good weather despite being early in the year (In fact I think we may have peaked too soon…the sun has now disappeared!)

As you would expect, it was an emotional day for all involved, but Yvonne was as calm and serene as we have ever seen a bride. Right from bridal preparations through to the amazing party that evening she embraced her special day and so did Anthony. The dance floor was full from the first dance until late, not surprising as it was The Band Room 101 who were performing. Despite being an unashamed Britney Spears fan, Yvonne liked our musical choices, which is good as we just couldn’t bring ourselves to ‘Britney’ the final edit! Sorry Yvonne!

With the first sight of snow on the hills, we thought it would be the perfect time to preview an amazing wedding we filmed and photographed during the summer at South Farm.

We can often get an idea of the tone of a wedding film before the day even happens. With Joanna and Adrian, we knew the day was going to be cool and quirky, with some spectacular entertainment lined up; we knew it would also be an awesome party!

So we already had a “vibe” in mind for the film we wanted to make, the music ideas and how we wanted to shoot the day.

But then the day happened and that changed everything!

It was all we were expecting but a lot more that we weren’t. The venue was spectacular, made even more so by all the personal touches, but having met Jo and Adrian we knew it would be. The wedding featured two of the best and most original musical acts we’ve ever seen, but from checking out their stuff online before, we guessed we’d be blown away by them . What we weren’t expecting was it also being one of the most deeply personal and emotional weddings we’ve ever witnessed.

So the trailer below is nothing like the film we were expecting to make and driving home and knowing exactly how we wanted it to end, we think it’s the first trailer we’ve edited completely in reverse.

This is a wedding that had everything, but most of all a couple that are perfect together.


The photos

The trailer

Carrie and Matt were married at the beautiful Roundthorn country house in Penrith, Cumbria. From our first meeting to talk about their plans we knew they were going to be an amazing couple to work with and we certainly weren’t wrong.

They were so up for anything and open to all our suggestions. Carrie was cool enough to let us run around the hotel with her dress to find the best place to show it off in all its glory, Matt and his grooms-men were not on the shy side, they had their naked room, where they were getting ready. Suffice to say most of that didn’t make the final edit(no offence boys!). They were even open to the idea of driving down the road from the venue to an old stone quarry forest we found the week before, which just happened to be home to about a million mosquitoes but that still didn’t put them off. It was a wonderful day for an amazing couple and we were just so pleased to be able to capture it for you.

A special mention for Matt’s dad who so far this year holds the title of best dancer at a wedding hands down.

I think you can clearly see from the trailer what this day really meant to them and more importantly how totally devoted to each other they truly are.


P.S Well done to Mike for winning the inaugural Matty Cannon golf day, a bandit off 18 if I ever saw one!! and Chris for never giving up, keep that wooden spoon for Matt next year.

We were actually second shooting stills for our good friend Adam (Lake District Wedding Photography) at Morland house Cumbria and had discussed shooting some film as the venue, and the couple, were too good an opportunity to miss. Helen and Steve kindly agreed, so this is the first trailer shot by Simon alone; without his wingman,tutor and all round film guru Warren!

Helen and Steve (Ste, Steven, Stevo, Keogh, half pint or the milky bar kid as he is known!) were a wonderful couple and we could see how much thought and effort they had put into their day from the outset. Friends and family spent the previous days helping them too, decking out the marque with all manner of personal touches from photos to an amazing fudge favour and Helen’s dad ensured no health and safety violations had occurred.

Morland house holds a very special place in their hearts, they actually met at the Morland Chorister camp at the tender ages of 11 and 12. Steve, being the elder, went about gaining Helen’s affections (as you would expect at that age) by writing to her brother Matthew and asking him to say hello to his sister for him!

Romance did finally blossom between the two and Morland house and Church was the only venue for them to celebrate their wedding with family and friends.

It was a beautiful day and an absolute delight to be there, and I hope this little surprise goes some way to thanking them for allowing us to be part of it.

come back soon for the stills of the day.


I just stumbled upon this by chance but was pleased to see that one of our trailers was up on love 24fps. It was refreshing to read that they applauded the approach we take to making wedding films. Here’s what they had to say;

Wedding filmmakers can fall into the trap of putting lots of pretty but pointless moments into their trailers. Not so with Courting Whale Pictures. You can tell that each and every shot in this film was deliberately chosen to advance the story of the couple and the day. The result is a trailer that had me completely gripped and carried me along on an emotional journey. What’s especially powerful is that the filmmaker takes a non-linear approach, matching different parts of the day together because they share the same emotional notes. I especially loved how the intensity of the ceremony was heightened by cutting it with the drama of the couple’s first dance. This is the work of a very accomplished artist.

I have to say I agree completely with their sentiment. It is tempting to use your favourite visual shots but as film-makers we should remind ourselves we’re not trying to create the prettiest selection of images (that’s what the photographs are for), but the most engaging and emotional story.

If you missed the trailer first time round, here is the trailer they are referring to;

If you’re a bride or groom to be and are still uncertain about having a wedding film, I really recommend taking a look at the article on the Love 24fps blog “Why a wedding film is the best investment you’ll make”. Here is a little film they have put together on this subject. Do check out their site for other great examples of wedding film.

I’ve been meaning to update the homepage reel for a long time and now that the end of the year is almost upon us, I decided it needed to be done. Featuring some of the weddings we’ve been part of this year, it is a tiny tale of time, love, celebration, memories and ever after.

To all our couples past and future, thank you for putting your faith and trust in us, thank you for letting us be a part of your day and have a fantastic festive period and a prosperous new year filled with love and happiness.

Merry Christmas y’all

– team courting whale.