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Helen & Steven – Nowhere is ever dark

We were actually second shooting stills for our good friend Adam (Lake District Wedding Photography) at Morland house Cumbria and had discussed shooting some film as the venue, and the couple, were too good an opportunity to miss. Helen and Steve kindly agreed, so this is the first trailer shot by Simon alone; without his wingman,tutor and all round film guru Warren!

Helen and Steve (Ste, Steven, Stevo, Keogh, half pint or the milky bar kid as he is known!) were a wonderful couple and we could see how much thought and effort they had put into their day from the outset. Friends and family spent the previous days helping them too, decking out the marque with all manner of personal touches from photos to an amazing fudge favour and Helen’s dad ensured no health and safety violations had occurred.

Morland house holds a very special place in their hearts, they actually met at the Morland Chorister camp at the tender ages of 11 and 12. Steve, being the elder, went about gaining Helen’s affections (as you would expect at that age) by writing to her brother Matthew and asking him to say hello to his sister for him!

Romance did finally blossom between the two and Morland house and Church was the only venue for them to celebrate their wedding with family and friends.

It was a beautiful day and an absolute delight to be there, and I hope this little surprise goes some way to thanking them for allowing us to be part of it.

come back soon for the stills of the day.


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