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Joanna & Adrian – The same direction

With the first sight of snow on the hills, we thought it would be the perfect time to preview an amazing wedding we filmed and photographed during the summer at South Farm.

We can often get an idea of the tone of a wedding film before the day even happens. With Joanna and Adrian, we knew the day was going to be cool and quirky, with some spectacular entertainment lined up; we knew it would also be an awesome party!

So we already had a “vibe” in mind for the film we wanted to make, the music ideas and how we wanted to shoot the day.

But then the day happened and that changed everything!

It was all we were expecting but a lot more that we weren’t. The venue was spectacular, made even more so by all the personal touches, but having met Jo and Adrian we knew it would be. The wedding featured two of the best and most original musical acts we’ve ever seen, but from checking out their stuff online before, we guessed we’d be blown away by them . What we weren’t expecting was it also being one of the most deeply personal and emotional weddings we’ve ever witnessed.

So the trailer below is nothing like the film we were expecting to make and driving home and knowing exactly how we wanted it to end, we think it’s the first trailer we’ve edited completely in reverse.

This is a wedding that had everything, but most of all a couple that are perfect together.


The photos

The trailer

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