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mithila & jana wedding trailer // a tad different

We first met Jana in February and it was clear that this was a man with a grand vision for a wedding. I am always over-using words like “epic” and “awesome” but this truly was a wedding on a scale bigger than anything we’ve done before.

It took place in The Brewery in Central London, veritable tardis of a venue bang in the middle of the city. Honestly, we would never have known that a venue so large and grand as this would have existed in the middle of the city.

Creating trailers are often the most challenging but ultimately most rewarding edits. Some themes can be developed whilst others sadly have to be thrown away. One thing that we touch on here but don’t develop too much is how involved the groom was in the organisation of the wedding. I love it when grooms are as excited about the day as their brides but Jana took this to a whole new level and this certainly gave the best men some ammunition for their speech!

The wedding was full of colour, energy and emotion. This trailer hopefully captures some of the anticipation, euphoria and general craziness of Mithila and Jana’s day!

We were made to feel so welcome by the entire wedding party and had a great (albeit very exhausting!) day shooting this.

Suppliers we digged;
M&R photography – Brilliant and lovely specialist asian wedding photographers who were amazing to work with helped us understand some of the cultural and ceremonial subtleties of our first hindu wedding.
The Brewery – If you are in search big (and I mean big) venue in the city of London, this is it.
Say Fromage – We are seeing that photo booths are more popular now than ever. These guys are cool because you can instantly tweet your photos from the booth.
Premier Rouge – The Asian wedding catering specialists. Food sooo gooood.

An awesome celebration that we’ll never forget.

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  1. Hi guys, we’ve just seen this trailor and it looks amazing! A job really well done – I’m sure Jana & Mithila must be very pleased. We loved working with you guys on the day – thank you also for making it enjoyable for us. We’ve just done a blog post for their wedding, you can view it here: http://www.mandrphotoblog.co.uk/asian-weddings/tamil-hindu-wedding-photography-in-london-jana-and-mithila/ Hope to bump into you again in the future. Take care, Meyer and Rene.