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Rachael & Ben – Phenomenal Capacity for Love

The biggest compliment we can receive for our work is being recommended to family and friends; so when we had a call from Steph’s sister (Steph & Adam’s film) Rachael, less than 9 months after Steph’s wedding, to see if we were free to come to Ibiza to capture her own special day, we were only too happy. Rachael and Ben’s enthusiasm was infectious and the day really stood out for us as a highlight of 2016. As we knew from our previous experience, their friends and family are a true delight to be around and set the tone for the whole day.

Starting in the north of the island (in what can only be described as the villa from the set of the next Bond movie) we headed south for a late afternoon ceremony and reception at the Amante Beach Club. The whole day was as distinguished and elegant as Rachael’s beautiful dress, although I tried to lower the tone when I split my trousers from front to back as she came down the aisle, giving the waiting party a little too much to see! A big thank You again to Natalia for not only running the day perfectly, but also finding me a pair of shorts to wear for the rest of the evening (even if they were four sizes to big!).

Rachael and Ben have a very special relationship and a togetherness that only comes from meeting that one special person. Thank you again from us, it was a pleasure. And Mark, I know you said to Jen no more weddings for a while (I’m sure the rose bushes couldn’t take it anyway) but, if anything changes, you know where we are!


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